What You Can Expect From Us

ZJ Future is a professional business platform connecting the United States with China. It is dedicated to the efficient business connection between Chinese and American enterprises and entrepreneurs. With our partners and resources, we provide a series of services that accompany the entire China-US business connection process.


After long-term cooperation with governments, institutions, and enterprises on both sides of China and the United States, each staff member is not only experienced but also understands the culture of China and the US. We are familiar with the rules of operation of the American local market. Choosing ZJ can minimize the lack of understanding of new markets, the risks and costs of environmental and management factors, and the time to adapt to new markets in the early stages of developing overseas markets.


“Where to connect? Which partner to connect with? How to connect?”


According to the needs of customers, ZJ will tailor a connection solution for each customer. At the same time, with ZJ's real-time update of the China-US business connection database, we can quickly lock the most  compatible project for customers and assist in the whole process of business connection.


Transparency is also one of the basic principles that ZJ has always followed. Through the implementation of services, fees and information transparency, ZJ not only effectively avoids the lack of trust caused by information asymmetry, so that every customer and partner can track project details and dynamics at any time. At the same time improve efficiency, optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and create more value for customers!


ZJ has a professional, experienced and efficient team. Each staff member has a different professional background and has his or her own strengths in different fields. Time is an important factor in winning a competition. ZJ provides a one-stop service for customers through team operations, which simplifies communication between customers and organizations, and speeds up information transfer and decision making, effectively reducing time costs.

Our Services

ZJ organizes business matching activities of different scales in the United States and China every year. The theme of the business connection is centered around the industrial clusters in the Silicon Valley area, including life sciences, logistics, IT media communications, renewable energy, e-commerce, internet of things, healthcare, creativity, and the arts. In addition, ZJ also provides high-end services such as city or project promotion conferences, new product launches, business forums, corporate annual conferences, exhibitions, and events organizations, etc.


The business promotion conference covers provincial and municipal promotion, industrial park promotion, area promotion, project promotion, and product introduction. ZJ has organized large and medium-sized promotion conferences for several governments, enterprises, and institutions in China and the U.S. We are dedicated to organizing professional and influential promotion activities with our professional team and American resource advantages.

London Abstract


Based on our business connection service, ZJ arranges every step of business trips for our clients to conduct business visits and business negotiations with target governments, enterprises, industry associations, and other related institutions in both U.S. and China.

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Morning Rush Hour


ZJ regularly organizes business forums at Santa Clara, California and invites engineers, entrepreneurs, business and academic professionals to provide the latest China-US business and tech trends, market strategies and opportunities for American startups and entrepreneurs.

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Law Firm


The enterprise matchmaking can help both enterprises expand their development, increase market advantages, and create additional values. In the process of enterprise connection, the most important thing is to fully understand our clients' needs and select compatible partners to obtain and maintain a long-term relationship.

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