What we look for


We are looking for businesses that have some, if not all, of the following characteristics:

  • The potential to be a market leading business in a fast-growing sector

  • A disruptive and scalable business model

  • A consolidator in a fragmented market

  • An ability to expand internationally


We operate a sector driven approach


Our interest in the technology sector stems from the wave of innovation created by technology companies to support businesses in their constant drive to improve scalability in a global marketplace, increase productivity and strengthened security/compliance. 


Our interest in healthcare industry is from traditional approach like Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices to the innovative and faster service like Medical Robotics, Data management, Healthcare Instrumentation and Automation, Distance Medication, Medical Facility & Medical Insurance.


We are attracted to the Support Services sector as we believe that for many businesses, outsourcing or utilizing external specialists to support their core business operations can have a significant positive impact on their profitability, productivity and ability to scale efficiently.


Our interest in this sector stems from the advancement of manufacturing and materials through technology and industrial evolution. With these advancements comes opportunity, not just in the end markets themselves, but through the whole supply chains of industries.

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