Business Trip

Based on our business connection service, ZJ arranges every step of business trips for our clients to conduct business visits and business negotiations with target governments, enterprises, industry associations, and other related institutions in both U.S. and China.

1. Help the Chinese and U.S. companies to communicate and coordinate, and initially confirm the cooperation intention



2. Assist in the preparation of materials for both China and the U.S.



3. Appointment of the symposium time of the American government, enterprises, industry associations, and other institutions to provide the best route planning



4. Arrange the contents of the preparatory symposium



5. Booking accommodation, transportation and other travel services



5. Accompany the client for business visits and face-to-face communication with the American government, companies, associations and other institutions.



6. A small symposium may be launched on cooperation



7. Assist communication and negotiation



8. Experienced professional translators provide full interpretation throughout the process.



9. Meeting minutes, summarizing feedback and negotiation results, public relations promotion if necessary



10. Follow-up tracking of later projects to promote cooperation projects in a timely, rapid and efficient manner