Enterprise Connection

Project Desired

  • Enterprise demand survey

  • Customer analysis report 

Project Plan

  • American market analysis

  • Feasibility assessment

  • Introduction to potential partners

  • Partner mode suggestion

Confirmation of Partner

  • Complete report on potential partner

  • Tailored partnership program

Meeting Arrangement

  • Prepare meeting information

  • Confirm time, place and participants

  • Develop a negotiation strategy and a due diligence plan

Onsite Due Diligence

  • ZJ accompanied the target company
    Cooperation with the top management of the target company may launch a small symposium
    Interpreting alternately throughout the process to assist Chinese companies in communicating and negotiating
    Meeting record


  • Summary feedback results

  • Establish future cooperation mode and development direction

Project Launching

  • Develop a cooperation agreement
    signing the contract
    Startup project

Agency of Operation

  • Established ZJ Future team as an agent of operation

  • Specialized construction, standardized management, transparent operation

  • International background, Chinese and Western cooperation to solve problems