Located at the High-Tech center, Silicon Valley, ZJ Future was established in 2013 as a bridge between China and the US to offer accelerating services for domestic enterprises with global perspectives. ​


With the vision of accelerating enterprise development and growth, we leverage the complementary advantages of North America, Europe, South America, and the Asia-Pacific regions to connect high-quality projects with industry leaders, promote academic communications and interactions in high-tech fields, aggregate global entrepreneurial and innovative resources, build an effective and efficient global innovation ecosystem, and develop high-level and multi-field cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, investment, science, and technology.

What We Do


Why Us?

ZJ Future was founded with a mission to redefine the investing and accelerating industry by delivering results for our clients, not just reports. We have continued to strive for innovation in our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo for ourselves and for our clients.


“ZJ mitigates common risks and finds a systematic approach to managing change for my business, people and culture, ensuring results that exceed my deal expectations.”


 Address. 4353 N 1st St, Suite 206, San Jose, CA 95134