We invest at the seed stage in strong teams that have proven domain expertise, built an MVP and have successfully achieved product-market fit. We're happy to lead rounds or co-invest with other angels or VC firms. We are investing our own money, have a unified investment approach and believe in simple term sheets to help us move quickly.


We accelerate very early stage startups by providing capital, hands on expertise and using our experience and network to help founders iterate products, hire the right staff and help achieve product-market fit as quickly as possible. We look for founders who have great ideas, are passionate about their business and have global ambitions.


We build robust and scalable startups alongside smart founders that have identified a market opportunity that they are deeply knowledgable and passionate about. We have the technical expertise and contacts to help build the product, market to customers and secure follow-on investment for the next stage of scaling and growth.

We are dedicated to adding value to our companies.


Attracting the next funding round, identifying the right buyer for you, connecting you with the best investor or assist you in your application for funding


Coaching of early-stage companies in their first years of origination and scaling; providing specific assistance through a vast network of domain experts


Gauging the viability of your project and support you with financial tools in order to ensure a quick, efficient and seamless exit sale, acquisition or merger 

Business Plans

Execution of the perfect business plan in multiple languages - pitch deck, teaser, executive summary, investment proposal, information memorandum

Due Diligence

Commercial, financial, tax and legal analysis of targets and investments on behalf of investors and buyers with specific transaction needs

Target Scouting

Identifying quality leads for seed, Series A or acquisition funds through a wide network of global agents: America, Europe, Asia and Oceania


Product development and process outsourcing, strategic marketing, international business development and investor relations


Corporate as well as startup business valuations based on fair market value, purchase price allocation as well as  intangible asset  valuation 

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