ARCHON & 申昊科技强强联合–落地杭州

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今年年初,Archon CEO Davide与浙江杭州未来科技城代表在相关领导与各界专家的见证下,于美国浙江创新中心正式签署合作项目落地意向书。为中美无人机机器人领域合作发展迈出新的篇章。

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Archon is a company based in Italy, with offices in USA, specialized in providing automated operations with UAVs. The objective is to develop a series of sophisticated but easily manageable software applications, allowing the supervision and coordination of robots of all kinds: we work toward a future scenario where many repetitive, complex or dangerous operations will be efficiently and automatically performed by UAVs. Activities will be planned, scheduled and organized with the same ease with which nowadays flight preferences are selected on travel websites, and they will be monitored with a high degree of precision.

Archon’s team members have recognized expertise or advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, economics, AI applications, imaging, virtual reality and software engineering and can further count on a R&D team composed by hardware and software engineers with a solid and successful decennial experience in the field of intelligent operations with UAVs and security.

Now, Archon cooperates with Shenhao Technology and will set up joint-venture in Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City. Through the joint venture, the two companies will leverage their knowledge and experience to aerial and ground robots management solutions to the Chinese market and support the development of the commercial drone industry in China.